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  The series of nuclear 2000 waterproof materialis applied molecular dynamics theory, combined with nuclear know-how developed in high waterproof materials (nuclear 2000 cement-based capillary crystalline) and high elastic waterproof materials, nuclear 2000 (polymer cement composite) 6 types series products. Originally used for defense engineering, nuclear industry system, has expanded to civil engineering
2 product classification
In 2000, plugging materials adopts nuclear
Model: CN2000A. For rock and concrete structure of rapid sealing.
Adopts high waterproof material in nuclear CCCW (2000),
Model: CN2000B. Used in civil construction, industrial facilities, national defense construction, water and electricity facilities, road and bridge engineering, water and water seepage control, back, anticorrosive, anti-fouling prevent leakage.
In 2000, adopts high elastic waterproof materials, nuclear
Model: CN2000C & D. Two components, used in roof and wall and shock and vibration deformation and waterproof, corrosion. But with seal water stops, etc.
In responding to nuclear 2000 grouting materials
Model: CN2000ZJ. The size of the auxiliary grouting cracks used for seepage control, and the curtain grouting consolidation, etc.
In responding to nuclear 2000 waterproof mortar
Model: CN2000SJ. For a thicker and waterproof and screed-coat waterproof structure repair waterproof project.
In 2000, responding to nuclear auxiliary materials
Model: CN2000FZ. General and CN2000C & D combination for important corners, improved since.
3 application fields
  The products are mainly applied in energy engineering, transportation engineering, environmental engineering, civil engineering, national defense construction, etc. Such as:
Adopts hydropower facilities, harbour engineering, linhai architecture, ports, underground corridor, underground powerhouse, traffic hole hole, DAMS, and transportation of shiplock, docks, reinforced concrete, ship
Responding to road, airport terminals, square, roof, roof, foundation construction, wall or floor,
Responding to subway, tunnel, pedestrian, culverts, basement, underground garage, underground mall
Municipal shaft, adopts elevator well, cooling tower, waterworks, toilet, sewage pipe, sewage treatment, waste
Responding to the aquarium, swimming pool, pont du gard, water park, the underwater world, the pool
Responding, active, warehousing, concrete deep, civil engineering of underground headquarters, wind tunnel
4 material characteristics
  [technical performance meet or exceed the national standards and trade standards]
Adopts high permeability pressure
Waterproof properties is strong, the second anti-permeability 240 MPa pressure, namely, the equivalent of 245 meters head more than similar products at home and abroad.
Excellent anti-corrosion properties of responding
Acid gas, water and salt and chlorine acid sulphate etc, can be in the erosion of the pH value of 2 ~ 12 environment. JianJiLiao inhibit, anti-airstake and carbonization reaction.
Had good permeability
Waterproof coating is breathable impervious to respiratory function, make concrete structures can be normal, dry air.
Adopts high stability
Waterproof coating and high-temperature low-temperature, in - 40 ° c ~ 160 degrees environment remains its superior performance.
Resistance and freeze-thaw cycles, dry-wet freeze-thaw cycle through 200 times after experiment appearance and properties are no change.
Coating and interface generation of crystalline structure stability, resistant to ultraviolet radiation, anti-aging.
Responding to improve the strength of concrete
Coating penetration of crystallization concrete strength is higher.
Has the ability to repair itself had
Material of active substances in concrete to less than 0.4 mm micro cracks in water to heal.
Responding to the green environmental protection
This product non-toxic, tasteless, no pollution. Inspection certificate, formaldehyde, the harmful material such as VOC, heavy metal content of the detection limit below instruments (i.e. not detect).
Responding to improve the durability of concrete
Increase durability of the concrete structures, and concrete with body keep.
Responding to construction is convenient
But at room temperature and humidity on base construction, But scraping coat, brush and spraying, simple construction, Quickly solidified, short curing time, increase efficiency. Suitable for various plane (new and old or shape of complex surface).
Adopts economic superiority
This material at home and abroad, compared with the similar product, and shorter construction period of high performance for six points (one), greatly reduce the total engineering cost.
5 waterproof mechanism
  In 2000, the water-proof materials series of nuclei in the development process, with nuclear know-how, starting from molecular physics, the study of the force between the molecules and movement law of molecular sieve, introducing concepts, use equipment will be joined by active substances, waterproof material of molecular structure and permeability is crystallization. Therefore, the waterproof layer is not only has high permeability, and press the respiratory function, make its reach the effect of waterproof breathable.
  The waterproof material for cement base, as well as with concrete binding, and contains some can make changes and silicate lattice of crystallization of concrete, can not only improve permeability, waterproof layer on the subject, but also improve the cohesion of the main structure of the impervious ability. Due to penetrate crystallization, when the tiny fracture of concrete in active substances, when the catalysis, Portland, aluminate and free cao and water along the fissures, generate new crystallization water channels, jam, have waterproof function.
Similarly, when the waterproof layer and concrete structures destroyed by external tiny fracture, as long as there is water, waterproof materials in the grid and concrete aggregates of cement hydration, full of active substances in water and catalyst reaction, crystallization, jam tiny fracture, and achieve the purpose of repair.
  After China's three gorges project development corporation and test center CN2000B detection, secondary anti-permeability 240 MPa pressure.

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