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Deicing salt and bridge

Deicing salt and bridge


Deicing salt and bridge
——Talk about the application of «ZHONGHE 2000» high-efficiency waterproof material

1 Mechanism

1.1 Damage to concrete layer
1.2 Corrosion to reinforcing steel bar
1.3 Brief summary

2 Control measures
2.1 Overview
2.2 One kind of «ZHONGHE 2000» series waterproof materials——CN2000B (CCCW) brief introduction

3 Main parts of bridge waterproofing
3.1 Bridge floor
3.2 Guardrail, plinth stone, beam body, support and parts of piers over the water surface
3.3 Piers
3.4 Pile foundation

4 Application cases
5 Conclusions



Deicing salt and bridge
——Talk about the application of «ZHONGHE 2000 high-efficiency waterproof material»

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Abstract: Chloride is the "main culprit" whose corrosion damages millions of bridges in the world, and it has caused heavy economic losses in various countries. Moreover the corrosion of chloride to the reinforcing steel bar is the main form of concrete structure damage. The research on deterioration mechanism shows that waterproofing and anticorrosive treatments must be carried out to the bridge in order to extend its service life. Hereto, the ZHONGHE 2000 series of waterproof materials had excellent waterproof and anti-corrosion properties will play an important role.
Key words: deicing chemical; concrete deterioration; reinforcing steel bar rustiness; waterproofing; anticorrosion; service life; ZHONGHE 2000 series waterproof materials

  Bridge —— the solidified art which has vivid image and strong appeal, reflects the characteristic of the times, and records the development course of human civilization. Only the tenacity, sturdiness, stability and durability of the bridge building structure can really show his immortal vitality.


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