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ZHONGHE2000 plugging material

ZHONGHE2000 plugging material

Type: CN2000A
Cementitious Capillary Crystalline Waterproof Material
Description ZHONGHE plugging material is a rapid setting, nontoxic integral cementitious capillary crystalline waterproof material designed to stop active water leaks.
Recommended for

ZHONGHE plugging material can be used internally or externally in place where rapid and early strength gain is required.
  Plugging / stopping active water leaks
  Sealing of leaking joints, tie holes and cracks

ZHONGHE plugging material can be used on following substrates
  Rock cracks


  Stops water flow
  Sets: the initial setting time is 2~10 min
 The final setting time is ≤ 15 min
  Can be used under water
  Easy to apply
  Have good durability

Packaging Plastic buckets or iron buckets. This product is purchased in 25 kg pails.
Storage When stored in a dry place, in unopened, undamaged original packaging, shelf life is 2 years.

How to Use
Surface Preparation

The surface must be clear, sound and free of any surface contamination. Leak place must be cut back to sound substrate, leaving an appropriate chase for receiving the ZHONGHE 2000 plugging material.

Setting time is dependent largely on the amount of mixing water used. Standard mix ratio at 20℃ is CN2000A: water = 1: 0.25~0.3 (in weight). The ZHONGHE plugging material must be added to the water and mixed quickly. The mix should be dried consistent. Mixing time: when the mix pack begins to hot and hard the mixing is o k, it takes 2~3 minutes, which depends ambient temperature, humidity and shelved time of material.  
In cold weather when ambient temperature is below 5℃, use lukewarm water.


To avoid waste, only small quantities of ZHONGHE 2000 plugging material should be mixed. After mixing, apply the ZHONGHE 2000 plugging material to the appropriate area immediately. Material should be formed into a wedge and forced with block of wood or hammer into the leak. After the leak has stopped, remove excess material. After lightly pre-wetting apply CN2000B coating according to the regulation for CN2000B.
To plug big craft or hole should mix with proper amount of fiber.

Technical Data  
Bulk Density
Application Temperature

Storage Temperature
1.25~1.35 g/cm3
 single component
 -5℃ ~ +40℃ (+23℉ ~ +104℉)
-30℃ ~ +40℃ (-22℉ ~ +104℉)
Stable under normal conditions

Health and SafetyCaution

ZHONGHE plugging material contains cement; it may cause irritation to eye and skin. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Wear protective eyeglasses and appropriate gloves.

First Aid In case of contact with skin and eyes, flush immediately with plenty of water and get medical aid.

ZHONGHE Waterproof Material Co., Ltd warrants that the products manufactured by it shall be free from material defects and will conform to formulation standards and contain all components in their proper proportion. Should any of the products be proven defective, the liability to ZHONGHE Waterproof Material Co., Ltd. shall be limited to replacement of material proven to be defective. ZHONGHE Waterproof Material Co., Ltd. shall in no case be liable for incidental or consequential damages.
对If the generation of problem is due to violation of the use regulation, ZHONGHE Waterproof Material Co., Ltd. will not be responsible for replacement of the products.



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