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Type: CN2000C&D
ZHONGHE 2000 High-efficient flexible anti-corrosive waterproof material
Polymer Modified Cementitious Waterproofing Coating

The waterproof material CN2000C&CN2000D is polymer and cement composite coating. It has double functions of volatilization solidification and reaction solidification. After choosing the ratio of liquid material and powder one, stirring fully and mixing evenly, the polymer latex will wrap cement granule. The latex will dehydrate and will become a kind of continuous rubber membrane with certain strength and elasticity. The cement absorbs other water to cause hydro-reaction and to form into insoluble crystal. The crystal combines with above-mentioned rubber membrane forming waterproofing coating with network structure. For this coating membrane has a certain elasticity, it can be used in waterproofing of expansion joints and deformation joints of construction. It can also be used in waterproofing of construction with permanent immersion of water and in large area waterproofing of various projects with respective use of rigid waterproof coating and flexible waterproof coating. It can be used as a coating film of rigid waterproof coating for its curing as well as.


The product can mainly be applied to the following projects: the energy engineering, traffic engineering, environmental engineering, industrial and civil engineering, defence engineering etc. For example:
• Hydroelectric facility, seaport project, coastal construction, wharf, underground gallery, underground plant, traffic tunnel, dam, lock, dock, reinforced concrete ship, wharf boat, etc.
• Airport terminal, road and bridge, squares, roofing, planted roof, pile head, foundation pile, foundation wall, baseboard, etc.
• Underground, tunnel, pedestrian passageway, culvert, basement, underground garage, underground store, etc.
• Municipal shaft, elevator shaft, cooling tower, tap water plant, toilet, sewage, sewage treatment plant, waste treatment plant, etc.
• Diversion canal, aquarium, swimming pool, water park, sea world, pool, etc.
• Warehousing, arsenal, civil air-defense construction, concrete deep shaft, underground headquarters, wind tunnel, etc.
It is especially applied to waterproof and anticorrosion of the sections with impact vibration and transformation. It could together with sealant and waterstops, etc.


All technical performances achieve or exceed industrial standards.
• The anticorrosive waterproof coating has high strength (tensile strength is 2.8MPa), big toughness (elongation at break is 117%). Have excellent water tolerance, weather resistance and resistant to ultraviolet, radiation and oxidation. The coatings has no change in the environmental temperature of -20℃~160℃
• The waterproof material is water-soluble, non-toxic and flavorless; it’s safe to human body and non-polluting to environment. The content of HCHO, VCO, heavy metal and many other harmful substances are less than the instrument detection limit (The harmful substances haven’t been tested).
•It has strong cohesive force (The bonding strength is 1.5MPa). It can firmly adhere to various materials such as concrete, marble, wood, glass, metal, etc.
• Operating is executed at normal temperature. Coating is convenient. It is non-flowing down. The period of application is short. It is convenient in maintenance.
• Coating varies as the shape of the substrate surface without joint. It can be used for trowel coating, brush coating or spray coating.
• Its anticorrosion is strong. It can be applied to any projects in soil containing salinity and in the circumstance of pH value 2~12.
• The operation of curing is simple. The coating just needs to air-dry naturally.


CN2000C: Plastics pail: 25 kg/pail.CN2000D: Plastics pail: 25 kg/pail.


CN2000C: When stored in a dry place without solar radiation within 5~40℃, unopened, undamaged or original packing, shelf life is 6 months.
CN2000D: When stored in a dry place within -30~40℃, unopened, undamaged or original packing, shelf life is 2 years.

Direction for use
Recommended total dosage of material

In general: 2kg/m2 generally coat 4 coatings.
pecial case: decided by design request

Surface Preparation • The substrate surface must be whole, solid and clean. Seeper, dust, oil stains and any dirt should be cleared and removed.
• The loose honeycomb-type concrete, hollowings, joint seams and holes left over by pull rods and scaffolds must be eliminated beforehand and mended by ZHONGHE 2000 MORTAR in order to obtain better effects of applications.
• The substrate surface must be dry. The special place needs to cover enhanced net if necessary.

Materials’ ratio (in weight):
Materials’ ratio for trowel coating, brush coating and spray coating is same:
• General case: CN2000C:CN2000D=1:1
•The case with permanent immersion of water:CN2000C:CN2000D=2:3
Mix CN2000D to CN2000C. Mix only as much materials as can be used up within 20~30 minutes and stir mixture evenly. The stirring time generally is 5 minutes by machine. There should be no powder masses in it. If the mixture starts to set, do not add water for reuse.


• Trowel coating:
Using trowel or squeegee, apply the evenly mixed CN2000C&CN2000D to the working surface. First apply onto corners, sides and special places, and then apply onto leveling surfaces. Each coating should be consistent in the direction of application, while successive coatings should be perpendicular in direction. The thickness of joint place should be even. Allow preceding coating to thoroughly dry before applying the next coating. The thickness of each coating should be very thin. Commonly apply more than 4 coatings to reach total required thickness.
• Brush coating:
Except using a brush, other procedures are the same with trowel coating.
• Spray coating:
Except using general spray equipments for outer wall, other procedures are the same with trowel coating.


Typical Data

State: CN2000C: latex; CN2000D: powder
Color: CN2000C: milk-white; CN2000D: off-white
Bulk density: CN2000C: ~ 1.05 g/cm3; CN2000D: approx. 1.30~1.35 g/cm3


• The best temperature for application is 20±10℃. Avoid application below 5℃ or above 35℃ in the dry and hot environment as far as possible. Do not apply CN2000C & CN2000D at or below freezing temperatures.
•If waterproof coating should be passed over by vehicles and pedestrians, protective covers are needed to be paved on it.
• The waterproof coating must be thoroughly dry before the next process to avoid destroying it.
• Avoid the rain when construct.


Security Measures

This product contains cement ingredient. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Should wear mask, goggles and gloves in mixing and stirring. In case of contact with eyes and skin, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice if necessary.
Keep out of reach of children.


ZHONGHE Waterproof Material Co., Ltd. warrants that the products manufactured by it comply with the national standard, shall be free from material defects and will conform to formulation standards and contain all components in their proper proportion.
Should any of the products be proven defective, the liability to ZHONGHE Waterproof Material Co., Ltd. shall be limited to replacement of the material proven to be defective. ZHONGHE Waterproof Material Co., Ltd. shall in no case be liable for incidental or consequential damages.
If problems are caused due to violation of the use regulations, ZHONGHE Waterproof Material Co., Ltd. will not be responsible for replacement of the product.



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