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To make the first-class products and do the first-class engineering

To make the first-class products and do the first-class engineering


-------- The development, production and application of “ZHONGHE 2000” series waterproof materials which are made by ZHONGHE Waterproof Material Co., Ltd

The nuclear industry of China is an industry system with advanced technique and high syntheses. Along with the shifting of the emphasis of the national economy, the nuclear industry also changed tracks from mainly serving for the military purposes to the combination of military and civilian use serving for the construction of economy and the people’s life.
ZHONGHE Waterproof Material Co., Ltd was set up in 2000. It is a high-tech cooperation company relying on the Institute of Physical and Chemical Engineering of Nuclear Industry. The company especially engages in the development and production of waterproof materials.
Our company has top-notch research and development capability. Because the safety of nuclear facilities has high requirement to waterproofing and anticorrosion of construction project, the researchers applied the principle of molecule dynamics, combined proprietary technology of nuclear industry, developed the “ZHONGHE 2000” series waterproof materials with eka-molecule sieve structure successfully. These series of waterproof materials include ZHONGHE 2000 high-efficient waterproof material (cementitious capillary crystalline), ZHONGHE 2000 high-flexibility waterproof material (polymer cement compound type) and other products. In early 1980s, they were applied in fields of defense engineering and system of nuclear industry. Now they are extended to civil engineering.


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